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Client focused

Richard Shamblott’s Norseman Apparel and Promotions supplies uniforms, corporate apparel, gifts, and promotion products for over 10,000 clients like you across the world. For almost 30 years, we have served clients in every industry, from hardware to grocery, beauty to restaurants, and team sports to high-end spas. Norseman Apparel and Promotions was built around the needs of customers like True Value, Red Wing Shoes, Do it Best Corp, and Tilsner Carton, all of which are still customers to this day. We are committed to delivering high quality products and putting them in your hands in an efficient and timely manner; we include an embroidered logo in the price of every apparel item we sell, and we never require a minimum order for embroidered apparel.

Beginning in the Minneapolis Warehouse District

It was 1989; business was booming for Norseman Neckwear and Richard Shamblott was looking to expand into apparel and embroidery. Around the same time, a firm in town went out of business. They had great employees, existing clients and the machinery to offer clients high quality apparel. We hired their staff and won the business of clients like True Value and Anheuser Busch.

Norseman Apparel and Promotions Inc., a spinoff of Norseman Neckwear, officially launched with two oversized embroidery machines on the fifth floor of the Wyman Building. It was the era of sports coats, neckwear and dress shirts being produced and distributed in Minneapolis Warehouse District, and Norseman Apparel and Promotions served as a one stop shop for uniforms and corporate apparel.

Early adopter in a changing marketplace

As the computer age began, people started dressing casually and the appropriate apparel for work changed. We survived in down economies and stayed a leader in an ever-evolving marketplace by listening to your needs. We offered brand names for uniform and promotional apparel before it was common practice in this business. And in the 1990s, Norseman Apparel and Promotions was the largest CrossCreek polo buyer in the Midwest, quietly buying even more than the departments stores!

Family owned and continuing to grow today

Through all of the economic and industry changes, we’ve stayed a family owned business. All of the work is done in house and on site, and our inventory is stored in our local warehouse. This small supply chain set up decreases the probability of fulfillment errors in your order. All client logos, including those from the early days in the Warehouse District, are saved on site. Over the years, your tastes have changed, our products have evolved, but our team has stayed intact to serve you.


  • Richard C. Shamblott, President & Director of Sales
  • Rainer Wedin, Art & Marketing Director