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The Best Time to Buy Calendars is…MAY?!

When you think of calendars, I bet you think of those kitschy, overpriced, pop-up kiosks that take over entire hallways in malls around the end of the year and the scramble to find the perfect one before all the good designs are gone? Or the oftentimes frustrating digital version in your phone or computer with little and less personality? And neither of those options come anywhere close to getting your customers to think of you!

What if I told you the best time to get beautiful, printed, branded calendars, the kind that your customer will see your name on 365 days of the year, was right now?

Carpe Diem

According to a MarketSight® survey conducted April 2019, 86% of respondents who use a digital calendar still also use a paper one! They could be using one with your store’s information on it!

Here are 5 reasons to order your calendars EARLY:

  1. Save Money! Take advantage of the best pricing of the year
  2. Best Selection! Get your preferred design before supplies run out
  3. Free Storage! All the calendars above will be stored until shipping the fall free of charge
  4. Peace of Mind! Ordering now means one less promotion to worry about, your year-end promo is taken care of
  5. Be Ahead of the Pack! Sit back and relax knowing that you’re ahead of the game and will get your name in front of your customers before your competitors

Don’t wait, the clock is ticking


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