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Jot This Down…

Custom pens are probably the most powerful marketing tool in a business’ arsenal, dollar-for-dollar. With an impression rate of 2,436 over their average 9 month lifetime, a pen that only costs $1 will have a cost per impression of less than 1/10 of a cent! (2023 ASI Global Ad Impressions Study) This versatile, effective, practical, and affordable advertising option is almost too good to pass up!

What Do I Do With All These Pens?

Need an idea what to do with a promotional pen besides a pen cup at the register? Here’s a few options:

1. Leave Them Everywhere!

Need to sign in for an office visit? Leave a pen! Signing the check at a restaurant? Leave a pen! Whether the staff, or another customer, keeps it, your name is sure to generate some buzz.

2. Thank You’s!

Branded pens aren’t limited to the cheapest available options! Even brand names like the Zebra SARASA Dry X-20 or Zebra SARASA Grand can be imprinted with your logo! Show your appreciation to the stationary enthusiast in your office with a premium pen!

3. Donate Them!

Schools, churches, libraries, and charities have tiny budgets and are always in need of supplies. Bonus points if your pen donation can work both of your logos onto the same pen!

4. Direct-Mail Campaign? Include a Pen!

Why settle for just a flyer? You know that won’t even make it in the house. But a pen, that not only won’t go straight into the trash, it’ll get used!

5. Include Them in Promo Kits!

Handing out promotional gift baskets? It almost doesn’t matter what else is in it, include a pen! One more practical item to keep your name in front of your customers!

How Do I Know What Pen To Buy?

This all comes down to personal preference. There are many thousands of options to choose from, from the penny-giveaway to the executive gift box.

Contact us with your ideas and we’ll help narrow it down for you!

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